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Be prepared.

Know what you're up against and use your advantage to climb the ladders!

Know why you died.

Complete, detailed death recaps let you know what killed you!

Learn from your mistakes.

Learn from your past games with replays and in-depth statistics for self improvement.

And new ones just keep coming.

Summoner statistics

At the press of a hotkey LSI can open a window displaying indepth infomation about all summoners while you're playing or spectating.

The information includes summoner division / ranked stats both in general and with the current champion, experience with the current role, runes, masteries and more.

Death recaps

Other than LoL's inbuilt death recap, LSI provides a complete and easy to read breakdown every time you die in a game.

It contains all sources of damage split up by champion and damage types so you know what to itemize. All deathrecaps are available for the entire duration of the game as opposed to only up until you revive.

Replays & game database

LSI can record replays and game statistics for all your matches!

Replays can be watched locally or shared with other LSI users. Statistics are aggregated with cutomizable charts, comparing your performance on different champions or against other players. Extensive filter options enable you to limit your analysis to games meeting certain criteria.

Statistics can even be loaded for many of your old matches that were played before installing LSI!

Champion filters

LSI allows you to easily create custom champion groups. Typing the group name to champion select search box will bring up only the champions in that group, just like the default marksman or tank groups.

Auto-created item sets

By analyzing your past matches LSI is able to create custom, map-specific item sets for every champion, containing the items you usually buy. They are organized by parts and completed items so you never have to browse the shop anymore.

Client modifications

LSI has a range of customization options. Currently those include changing the login screen to any of the screens used in the past, unlocking all language options regardless of server, and profile icon descriptions in menu to select the icons.

Stream manager

The stream manager allows you create a profile with your favourite streamers. You'll be able to see who is streaming on a glance and even chose to receive a popup notification when one of them goes live.

Video Tutorial

Check out the video tutorial for a walkthrough of all the features!


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Yes. Riot has confirmed multiple times that LSI has the same status as most other 3rd party services such as LoL Replay, lolking, quickfind, lolnexus etc.; meaning that while they might impose a violation of the terms of use Riot is aware of that and chose not to enforce. Obviously use is at your own risk though; neither Riot nor LSI can be held liable for any unexpected side effects.

"We understand this kind of modification exists. If it doesn't provide any competitive advantage, it's something we will not discipline over." -- Demorphic (November 2, 2013)

"Officially, we're not sanctioning anything -- Duowan, Elobuff and similar websites are all violations of our terms -- we have just chosen (and we have full discretion here) not to enforce." -- Tamfail (September 10, 2012)

"We understand that some of our players like to create modifications, [...] [if] these types of modifications don't provide any competitive advantage, they will not result in disciplinary action." -- Firefang (June 22, 2013)

LSI currently works for all Riot-managed public servers, in detail that is NA, EUW, EUNE, BR, RU, TR, LAN, LAS, OC and KR. Due to a lack of API support for other regions none of those are supported yet, that might change in the future though.

Currently only replays of the same patch can be watched, older replays might or might not work depending on the magnitude of changes. Don't worry though, we're working on a solution for older replays which should be ready soon.

Currently one role is assigned to each champion, your main role is the role you have played the most games on. I am aware that due to the possibilities to play several champs in multiple roles this is not optimal, the algorithm will be improved in the future.

There were plans for a Mac version in the past but they have been put on hold for the time being, sorry.

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